Rob's Top Picks

Rob's Top Picks: Week 4

Mar 22, 2024

Rob's Top Picks: Week 4
I’ve scoured the universe for the coolest stories this week and hand picked the best ones to super-power your weekend

Breathing Exercise | Wim Hof Method

How about a quick dose of euphoria to start your weekend? This short breathing exercise helps expel carbon dioxide from your blood system, and can take you on a journey out of this noisy world into your own body. 

I love doing 3 or 4 rounds before finishing with a max breath hold. You may find you can double your breathhold after just a few minutes of this exercise. During the breathholds - ask yourself - what do I feel, what do I hear? 

Try it here

And if you like the exercise, check out The Wim Hof Method. It’s a fascinating read and filled with exercises to give you more control over your body and your health. 


Tesla Berlin Factory Flythrough

Love them or hate them, you can’t help but marvel at the magnificent production capability Tesla has assembled around the world. Producing bikes is challenging enough, but cars have magnitudes more complexity. What impresses me most about this operation is the long term thinking - with a massive focus on the most efficient production as a means to outproduce the competition. 

Who knows maybe someday you’ll see a Superhuman factory flythrough filled with robots and cool editing…

Enjoy a few minutes of factory p0rn here


DEEP | James Nestor

Did you know blindfolded dolphins can navigate obstacle courses using echolocation? Probably… But did you also know they can send spatial images they perceive through echolocation to other dolphins? It’s like underwater snapchat!

I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a journey full of fascinating ocean discoveries that may have you on the edge of your seat wanting to hear more... 

Check out the trailer here

And the book here.

And speaking of dolphins… check out this impressive clip of a dolphin riding the pressure wave in front of a massive ship. It’s tough to say these aren’t highly intelligent creatures after watching this





Walk with the dreamers.

the believers,

the courageous,

the cheerful,

the planners,

the DOERS,

the successful people with

their heads in the clouds

and their feet on the ground

Let their spirit ignite a fire

within you to leave this world

better than you found it.

- Wilferd A. Peterson


Hope you enjoyed these picks. 

Have a great weekend,