F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Full Suspension
F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman
F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | electric mountain bike
F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | 750W peak power mid-motor
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | 840wh battery
F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | 50 miles per charge.
F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Touring Kit
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Lockable Battery
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Magura Brakes
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Maxxls Forekaster
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Bafang m600
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Shimano
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Cargo Rack
 F5 Trail Hardtail E-MTB | Superhuman | Suspension

F5 Trail


The F5 Trail electric mountain bike is your ticket to adventure.

Prepare for the ride of your life with a powerful 750W peak power mid-motor and 840wh battery that can take you up any hill and over 50 miles per charge.

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Frame Fit

[5'1" - 6'5"]

Carbon Black
Army Green
Matte Blue
Matte Red

28 mph top speed

up to 50 miles range

840 wh battery

weighs 61 pounds

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F5 Trail e-mtb

Find unlimited adventure with F5 Trail, Superhuman Bikes' electric mountain bike (eMTB) with a powerful mid-drive motor. Utilitarian and fun, this hardtail, all-terrain ebike promises outstanding comfort offroad or on pavement. Use all of it's five power assist levels, top speed of 28+ mph, and a range over 70 miles to make the most of your adventures.

Looking for adventure? This is your bike! The F5 Trail is the fifth iteration of the Trail lineup, boasting the most reliable, cost effective, and fun components to bring you a ride that makes you feel Superhuman.

640/840wh Removable Batteries

An integrated 48V (650/840WH) lithium-ion battery in the down-tube offers both great looks and long range-riding. High capacity cells, the same ones used in the Tesla Model S, give you up-to 50+ miles of range. Charging time is about 6 hours for a full charge cycle.

750W Mid-Drive Motor

The Bafang M600 mid-drive motor is among the most advanced and powerful mid-drive motors in its class. Though compact, it offers 500 Watts (120Nm) of smooth power for optimum hill climbing, range, and speed. Add the optional thumb throttle for additional speed control and smooth cruising.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Magura MT5 4 piston hydraulic brakes offer outstanding braking force - perfect for the bike park or your home trail. Expect great stopping power and smooth lever action.

Shimano Drivetrain

The 10-Speed Shimano Deore Drivetrain was chosen especially for the smooth pedaling options it offers. Whether you’re climbing hills or accelerating on the flats – the 11-36T cassette gear ratio allows the mid-drive motor to shine.

RST Suspension Fork

With 130mm of travel and adjustable compression and rebound settings, the RST Fork has the perfect preload adjustments to make your ride ultra consistent.

Maxxis Forkasters

The Maxxis Forekasters were chosen for their exceptional grip from soft tire compound and fast rolling 27" x 2.35" wide tread.

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f5 trail reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Jim Steffler
Superhuman F5 with Touring Package: 5-Star Baja Blast!

As a 60-year-old with three back surgeries under my belt, I never thought I'd be conquering epic rides like the Baja Divide. But thanks to the incredible Superhuman F5 with touring package, that's exactly what I'm doing!

I'm currently 1,300 miles into a journey from Los Angeles all the way to Mérida, Yucatán. The F5 has been my trusty companion, powering me through everything from scenic coastal stretches to the unforgiving Baja Divide. Over 200 miles of that brutal trail were tackled with surprising comfort and ease thanks to the F5's:

Superb suspension: My back hasn't complained once, even after hours in the saddle. This bike soaks up bumps like a dream, making long days a breeze.

Powerful motor: Those climbs that would have left me winded on a regular bike are now a breeze. The F5's motor gives me the extra push I need to conquer any hill, keeping the adventure enjoyable.

Touring package: This kit is a lifesaver! Having the extra storage space and creature comforts makes self-supported touring a breeze. I've got everything I need to stay comfortable and focused on the ride.

With another 2,800 miles to go on the Trans-Mexico Trail, I feel completely confident that the F5 can handle anything I throw at it. This bike is more than just a machine; it's an enabler. It's allowed me to pursue this incredible journey despite my past injuries, and I'm having the time of my life!

If you're looking for an e-bike that can handle anything you throw at it, and is comfortable enough for epic adventures, look no further than the Superhuman F5 with touring package. It gets a full 5 stars from this happy (and pain-free!) rider!

Melissa Pelton
Awesome bike

Just got it and I am enjoying it.

leonard john

Very happy with the FLX F5 electric mountain bike. It is nimble, responsive, and very quiet. With the mid-drive motor it rides very much like a non-electric mountain bke, which I like better than a rear drive motor (which I also have in my Gladiator 1)). I only have ridden 22 miles, all on flat terrain, so I haven't put it to the test on the rough canyon trails and hills. But I will do that soon. I anticipate that it will perform well there. The website specs say it weighs 61 pounds. They don't mention it but that 61 pounds would be with the bigger battery and with the touring package incljuded (rack, lights, fenders, phone holder, and bottle rack holder). So the bike without the touring package or the larger battery would be a few pounds less than that.

Leonard Gregory
New Trail 5

This Trail 5 is even better than the last Trail 5 I purchased. I got the features of the touring model this time and the Bafang motor is perfectly quiet. Probably the best eBike on the market for the money.

Tim Rivers
Great Purchase

I received my F5 Trail and could not be happier with my purchase. Bike was expertly packed and was ready to ride after about 30 minutes of assembly. The hardest part was removing all the zip ties and packing around the frame. The brakes and gear set up was perfectly tuned with no adjustments needed.

I have put over 50 miles on the bike over the last week. The motor kicks in when needed. I have noticed about a 3 mph gain over my normal speeds. I ride like I am 10 years younger.
Would recommend this bike to anyone looking for an e trail rider.



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