In addition to selling an outstanding lineup of electric bikes, Superhuman Bikes also offers the best San Diego Ebike and Eboard Rentals available.  Explore Southern California aboard our super fast electronic skateboards or ride any of our best-in-class ebikes and see why San Diego is called America's Finest City.

About us

Superhuman is a local ebike manufacturer with a mission to get people off their couches, out of their cars and explore what life has to offer. Embark on an electrifying adventure through the sun-kissed streets of San Diego with Superhuman ebike and eboard rentals!

Ride faster, climb higher and explore further with Superhuman!

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How It Works

  1. Secure your rental using the "Book now" button
  2. Arrive at the Superhuman headquarters located at 4170 Morena Blvd STE D, in San Diego on the day and time of your rental.
  3. Get equipped with your ebikes or eboards, (why not both?) a helmet, secure lock and a carrying bag
  4. Once your rental time is up, return to Superhuman headquarters to drop off the items

If you'd like for your rental to be dropped off to you, Please contact us 24 hours before your rental time to see if you're in an eligible location.

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