Rob's Top Picks

Rob's Top Picks: Week 3

Mar 15, 2024

Rob's Top Picks: Week 3
I’ve scoured the universe for the coolest stories this week and hand picked the best ones to super-power your weekend

I Will Persist | Motivation

“I am a lion…”

What better way to get charged up than with this POWERFUL passage. 

If you’re like me, you’ll feel like you can run through a wall after a listen 😤

Click here to watch


man with whale in the ocean

One Breath Around The World

Turn the lights out, take a deep inhale and join freediver Guillaune Nery as he takes you on an epic dive around the world. This sport is tough as nails but the pros make it look so easy. 

Freediving has been a recent hobby of mine - I was absolutely useless the first time out and the fun has been in the tiny improvements and milestones made on each dive. So what’s the thing you’ve always wanted to try but just weren’t good at?

Click here to watch. 


bob hoover and his plane

Pouring Tea in a Barrel Roll

Watch WW2 figher pilot and Aviation legend Bob Hoover demonstrate the magic of physics by pouring a cup of tea in a barrel Roll. 

Check it out here

Bob Hoover is famous not only for his incredible flying in 58 WWII missions before being shot down. But also his incredible work demonstrating the capabilities of aircraft pushed beyond the accepted realm of possibilities. 

Not enough? Check him out doing an aerobatic show with the engine off here


Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield

I tell you I can’t get no resect… 

Get ready to spit out your milk when you watch this compilation of  some of Rodney Dangerfield’s best jokes. 

There’s few things better than a good laugh for the soul - so enjoy and share some laughs with your loved ones this weekend…

Watch here



Have an incredible weekend

rodney dangerfield dancing gif