What is Mulberry?
Mulberry works with us to provide you with extended warranty coverage on the products you purchase from flx.bike. Mulberry handles the claims process from day one and is always available, should anything go wrong with your product. You can find more information at getmulberry.com.

How do I purchase Mulberry Extended Protection?
It’s as easy as adding Mulberry Extended Protection to your cart with your eligible products and checking out. Once you purchase coverage, you will immediately receive a welcome email from Mulberry with access to your dedicated Mulberry dashboard, which you can use to manage your plan, file a claim and contact their team.

What is covered under my Extended Protection Plan?

What is Covered? Mulberry Extended Warranty FLX 1 YR Limited Warranty
Manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship
Accidental Damage X
Free repairs for mechanical & electrical breakdowns X
Fast replacements with free shipping & no fees X
Issues with attached parts, like wheels & brakes X
No deductibles and fast online claims filing X
Power Surge Protection X

Can I cancel my Extended Protection Plan?
Yes, you can cancel your order at any time. For refunds, if you purchased the Extended Protection Plan onsite you can cancel with FLX Bike directly. If you purchased via Email or the Thank You page, you can cancel your plan with Mulberry directly by logging in at getmulberry.com/login or emailing support@getmulberry.com.

How do I file a claim?
Simply log in to your dedicated Mulberry dashboard at getmulberry.com/login for a 1-click, receiptless claims filing process. You can also contact the Mulberry customer support team via support@getmulberry.com.

What happens if I return or exchange my products?
Each Mulberry Extended Protection plan is tied to the specific product with which it was purchased. If you return or exchange your product, you will also need to cancel the warranty with Mulberry (and purchase a new plan if you prefer).

Click here to see Mulberry's full coverage details.
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