Rob's Top Picks

Rob Top Picks Week 6

Apr 05, 2024

Rob Top Picks Week 6

 Rob’s Top Picks 🔝😎🤙🤩

I’ve scoured the universe for the coolest stories this week and hand picked the best ones to super-power your inbox! 


World 1st Jetsuit Race

They predicted we’d all be in flying cars and jetpacks by now… 

Well it’s taken a bit longer but here’s a step in the right direction. 

Watch 5 racers fly around Dubai in 1500hp turbine jetsuits. 

While technologically amazing, the resulting race feels slow and dull.

Will jetsuit racing ever go mainstream or forever be a novelty?

Click here to watch. 

And if you prefer more excitement - check out this clip from the Red Bull Air Races

Turtles Defrosting Back To Life

Much like what you may be going through now… watch these turtles defrost from frozen solid completely back to life. We’re surrounded by incredible feats of nature every day and I’m grateful somebody’s out capturing some to share with the world!

Watch here

Hope you’re shaking the cold off and reanimated for riding season!



Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

A massage for your brain.

Nothing recharges me like this daily practice of 20 minute NSDR.

The goal is to get to a state of deep rest - just between sleep and consciousness. 

Various studies show that NSDR is linked to enhanced cognitive function, memory, retention and processing speed. Anecdotally I feel all the above are true for me.

Try a few days of this for 20 minutes at your mid-day and see how you feel. 

Just sit somewhere comfortable, set a timer and let the audio guide you into state.  

Try it here


Fluent in 90 Days Challenge | Duolingo

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. 

- Nelson Mandela

So how will you put that extra NSDR cognition to good use?

Returning from a trip to Argentina I reflected on how much fun it was to connect with people in their own language. And thus, decided it’s time to learn another language. 

Now I’ve seen my mom and brother using this duolingo app for many years. I always wrote it off as elementary. But after losing patience with a few textbooks I’ve downloaded the app and now find myself hooked! 

Duolingo is genius in its simplicity. It’s like a game and even has a leaderboard… but by playing, you actually learn something! And while you could get more from a 2hr textbook session - it’s far better to do 10 minutes a day of something you can stick with than a few textbook sessions followed by burnout.

So is there a language you’d like to know? 

Check out duolingo here

Use the find friends feature to add me (@robrast) so I can see your progress!

My goal is to get Netflix fluent in Portuguese in 90 days. That means you can enjoy a netflix show in your new language without english subtitles. 

Once you reach this level your learning accelerates like crazy and it’s actually fun just watching compelling shows.  


Hope you enjoyed these picks.