Rob's Top Picks

Rob's Top Picks: Week 7

Apr 12, 2024

Rob's Top Picks: Week 7
Rob’s Top Picks 🔝😎🤙🤩
I’ve scoured the universe and hand picked the best things to super-power your inbox! 

10 Second Longevity Test

If you can do this, you’ll live longer. 

That’s what the scientists are saying. 

The test is simple - sit down on the floor and stand back up without touching your hands or knees to the ground. It sounds easy, but if you’re like me and have sat in an office chair for 10 years… it may be more of a challenge. 

At 34 years old, I couldn’t pass this test - and that lit a fire under my butt. I’ve sinced ditched the office chair (now standing desk) and spent less time lifting weights and more time on mobility training. 

So how did you do? If it’s not easy - that’s just a sign you also could use some more movement in your life. 

Try it here


How to Sound Smart

This bogus Ted Talk could be the most inspired performance you’ll see…

Have some laughs here

How to Feel Smart

Now, if you want to feel smart,

Give this playlist a listen. 

It’s full of upbeat instrumental music.

Perfect for long bouts of creative work.

Or maybe you’re working on spreadsheets, doing your taxes…

But at least you can feel like the hero of an epic movie while you do it!

Listen here


Quote to Ponder:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.”

- Pablo Picasso



Hope you enjoyed these picks. 

Keep moving,