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Dec 11, 2016


“Yesterday's ride home could have been miserable. Traffic jams everywhere, solid rain in the dark and 300' vertical climb. It's so nice to take any dread out of your ride knowing that you can just toggle up the assist." – Paul Dieter



November 30th marks a historic day in FLX history. Pete sends off "US Container 7" a 40 foot container of bikes. For the first time in FLX history, the majority of these bikes are unsold and destined to be the first bikes in a fleet of FLX inventory which will ship directly from the US when orders are made. Thank you everyone for making this possible and for your patience in getting to this point!


Subscribe to the FLX youtube channel if you want to see Pete's to stop crashing new bikes.

In other news:

We finally shipped the Australia container on December 8th! Video coming soon...

Europe container 2 scheduled to arrive in Rotterdam near the end of next week. After being processed by customs, the fulfillment center (MAO) will send contact you to collect VAT and handle the import.

US Container 5 is STILL on inspection hold from customs and we are standing by for release to the fulfillment center.

Canada container 2 is being handled by the fulfillment center and home deliveries will begin shortly.

Now we're focusing on delivering the few single country bikes that have not gone out yet.

Word is there will be a price increase soon, so if you or your friends like the bikes, move fast!

We love you, 
Team FLX