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Nov 24, 2016


“First weekend, Denk Mtn. Carlsbad CA. 15mi. Some tough trails, could not have made it to the top without my FLX.” - Tim P



With frames from the new factory delivered, the team pushes hard to inspect hundreds of bikes and get them on their way to deserving customers. US Container 6 is out and more to come...

Video below, jump to 5:36 for an important announcement about the FLX throttle.


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In other news:

US Fulfillment center has finally begun delivering spare components from C4, if you've been waiting on components they may be on the way. We will send tracking numbers as soon as we can get them.

Europe container 1 is being processed by customs. The process is taking longer than we hoped as it's our first time doing Europe VAT.

C5 is arriving stateside this week for import. 

We love you, 
Team FLX