Rob's Top Picks

Rob's Top Picks: Week 10

May 03, 2024

Rob's Top Picks: Week 10
Rob’s Top Picks 🔝😎🤙🤩🍀
I’ve scoured the universe for the coolest stories this week and hand picked the best ones to super-power your inbox! 

The Photon | Glow in the Dark Stealth eBike


It’s a stealth ebike that glows in the dark

And it’s coming very soon

Check this out - it’s our newest stealth bike in the pipeline

It’s got a special coating that absorbs light energy during the day

Then time releases it at night to glow in the dark

We’re gathering VIP reservations to prep to launch this bike

If enough people get on board we’ll have the manufacturing capability

To make some cool upgrades to it

So if you like beautiful bikes or like me just love things that glow

Reserve your photon today

Fix Your Knees

Got knee pain? 

I sure did in 2021 after breaking my leg in an eskate accident

Despite a compound leg fracture.. my knee took the longest to recover

That’s when a friend told me about this ‘knees over toes guy’

He had bad knees, all sorts of surgeries

And dedicated his life to figuring out how to strengthen the legs

In a way that heals and protects the knee

These exercises were a god send for my recovery

But everyone should try them out

Just once a week or so is plenty to bulletproof your knees

You can do most of them in a couple minutes

Perfect when waiting for a coffee or other short breaks

Try it here

The Magic Keyboard


What kind of sucker spends $300 on a keyboard?

That’s what I thought when these came out

Then I got to play with one in person and it clicked

Not only is it beautifully designed..

But it just works so well

It’s a keyboard, a carry case, a stand that works in both directions

I’ve been on factory trips in China the past 3 weeks

I left the laptop at home and brought the ipad instead

It’s kept up brilliantly and handled any work thrown it’s way

Just like a normal laptop

But in a package that’s WAY more travel friendly

(Hell i’m using it to write this newsletter)

If you’ve got an ipad and don’t have one of these, go try one out

I could never go back

Check it out here



Start a Conversation | Tabletopics


I found these cards on the game shelf on a family cabin trip

They blew my mind - such simple questions

Yet it seemed like each one started a beautiful conversation

We took turns grabbing a card and asking around the table

In a few hours, thanks to these cards,

 I learned more about my family than I had in years

A lot of times we want good conversation

We want to know more about those we care about

But we’re not sure how to begin

These cards are a fantastic starting point

Check them out here


Hope you have a wonderful conversation this weekend,