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Jan 28, 2017


"Rode my Trail on the first 28.5km commute to work today. With considerable effort the same mostly flat route used to take about 1:15 on my road bike. Took 49min on the FLX on PAS 5 with moderate effort. Exactly the results I was hoping for. Blasting past a few riders on road bikes was fun." - Hammed Malik

We push to finish a US shipment before the whole country shuts down for Chinese New Year for 2 weeks!


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In other news:

US Containers 5, 6 and 7 have all gone out with FLX bike orders of inventory bikes fulfilled until the 25th. 

Canada 3 is with the fulfillment center and will be sent out to buyers this week. 

Europe 3 is in a bonded warehouse as we work with the fulfillment center to get paperwork sorted for the import/VAT process. We'll keep you updated on those. 

We welcome a new team member to the China office tomorrow and a new team member to the US office Monday! That means better support for current customers, faster service and more manpower to continue improving the FLX experience. 

Happy Chinese New Years and good fortune!

We love you, 
Team FLX