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The Magic Factory

Apr 22, 2016

The Magic Factory
Top quality batteries are the heart and soul of your FLUX bike, they're one of the things that make it so special. Not all ebike batteries are created equal, and we refuse to cheapen your experience with a battery that is anything less than awesome. 
How do we do it?
Let's take a quick walk through the magic factory. 
Meet The Match Maker
Relationships are short lived if partners aren’t right for each other, the same goes for lithium battery packs. To get the best performance and life, lithium battery cells need to be paired with other cells of the same characteristics. When new cells arrive, a technician programs The Match Maker and loads batteries into the hopper...
The matchmaker automatically tests and sorts the cells into groups of batteries that will reach ideal performance when bundled together.
Otto is a machine. He doesn’t complain, cut corners or even sleep. He has one job- to solder the most beautiful joints between battery cells that you’ve ever seen, and he's great at it. There are a lot of cheap ebike battery packs out there with less than impressive guts- we urge you to take them apart. We’ve seen ones with cells taped together, mismatched brands and cells that were taken from old power tools. Scary.
The Line
When Otto's finished, human technicians bring the batteries to the line for visual inspection. If everything is good, they will install the battery circuits and assemble into the final case. 
The Proving Grounds
The assembled battery packs are lined up to go head to head with a cycle tester in a grueling 72 hour final exam. They're continuously charged  and discharged at varying rates to test the capacity for different levels of performance. If the battery pack fails any of the tests, it is eliminated from the line-up.
The proven batteries are packaged, palletized and shipped to the factory to await oncoming adventures.
In other news-
We hit 500k! Incredible work to everyone, thanks so much for believing in us and sharing with your friends. We're committed to making a rear rack for the bikes and you can get one as a perk on the page now.
Just one week left, keep sharing with your friends and we'll announce an exciting, frequently requested feature very soon!
We love you!