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Production Update: Frame Machining

May 19, 2020

Production Update: Frame Machining


FLX Babymaker Electric Road Bike with Surf Rack 


Come with us for another look behind the scenes. 
Watch us machine the individual tubes that make up your Babymaker frame. 

Each piece of the Babymaker frame is machined individually.
When finished, they're welded together on a precise template to make a complete frame.


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In Other News:

Many have asked for photos of a production Blue Raspberry bike. We won't have that until complete bikes begin rolling off the line. But this is the color sample it's based off of:



If you're waiting on a response from the support team, thank you for your patience. 

The support team is making a herculean effort to keep up with the daily influx of 600+ tickets. 

Most of the answers for these tickets can be found in the FAQ at the bottom of the campaign page.

More to come.
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX