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Jon Wilson - The Unstoppable Man

May 18, 2020

Jon Wilson - The Unstoppable Man

"Everything in life happens for you,

not to you."


Leg Amputee Jon Wilson on the FLX Roadster Electric Bike


Meet Jon Wilson,

A father of 2, high school teacher and cancer survivor.


When he lost his leg at age 23, he had a choice:

To give up and submit to life's challenges...

Or to look forward and overcome them.


Leg Amputee Jon Wilson on the FLX Roadster Electric Bike


Jon's become an inspiration for us and many people around the world.

His story gives us perspective on how good we have it

And hope when things get tough.


Today he uses his FLX Roadster to commute to the high school where he teaches

(And absolutely screams up the hills)


Keep pushing Jon

We look up to you.


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I know, Jon's not on a Babymaker in this video...

Just thought you might enjoy his story. 

Electric bikes enable people far and wide to expand their capabilities. 

I'm excited to hear your story.


In Other News:


Pete's making fantastic progress on Babymaker production

Keep an eye out for the next production update...

We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX