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Jun 08, 2017


Production is well underway and the last of the components are rolling in. Beautiful weather last Saturday so, naturally, we went for a factory audit! See the results in the video below.


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Don’t forget, we’re releasing a sick montage of Sasha and Elvis shredding up the test ground soon, so don’t miss the next video!

In Other News:
The manufacturing prototypes are completely finished for this batch of electrical bikes. That means we can begin assembly of G2 ebikes and upgrade kits as soon as the new motors are in! Expect some big news shortly.

Another team member has broken the current speed record on the Blade. Look out for his video!

There’s a few spots left in upcoming container shipments around the world, so if you’re looking for the fastest way to get on an FLX, click here!

Thanks for following along as we push forward.
We love you,
Team FLX