Holy smokes we're at 900k! I think it's safe to say that FLUX has the best group of supporters, ever. We've just unlocked the smartphone holder as a perk, you can grab yours on the page for just 10 bucks. We've got a really exciting perk for $1M lined up, but we can't ruin the fun just yet... Keep sharing and we'll unlock it once we smash the big $1,000,000 together. 

To thank you for joining the FLUX family, we're going to have a special sale this weekend for backers only. We'll email you the details shortly.

Beautiful weekend to get out and FLUX. Are you excited yet?

Subscribe to our youtube channel and share the FLUX out of your favorite videos if you want us to stop riding on the grass. 

In case you've been wondering:

How do I pick the color?
We'll be sending out a survey very soon to collect your color choice!

Will all of my items ship together if I order them separately?
Yes, we'll consolidate all of your orders and put them in the same box.

How do I program the max speed limit?
We'll send out a video with the simple instructions to all backers before you receive your bike. Hang tight, it only takes about 10 seconds.

Any other questions feel free to reach us at hello@flux.bike, we're here for you.

We love you,