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1 Million

May 13, 2016

1 Million

You guys are great and have shown the world that there's a place for quality bikes, that hard work pays off, and that a small team of passionate riders can go up against the big guys.


So what's the $1 Million stretch perk?
A USB port on the display! That means you'll have a USB right where you need it, near the handlebars in addition to the one on the battery, both accessible while riding. Now while you're riding to work, you can text on one phone and play angry birds on the other, without having to worry about your battery life anymore! Exciting stuff.


How much does it cost?
This feature is surprisingly expensive, but it's really handy, and we wouldn't leave this stone un-turned. We were going to charge $30-50 for it, but because you guys are so awesome, we're going to buy this upgrade for you! (This round's on us!) Every bike on the Indiegogo campaign will get this upgrade automatically, and you don't need to buy any extra perk or anything.


What else are we working on?

We've been looking at several GPS tracking solutions for the bikes, as requested by many backers. We've been testing an interesting version that goes in the headset of the bike and will share results soon...