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We've Brought in the Experts

May 29, 2020

We've Brought in the Experts


"Bought 2 bikes and the next day my wife found out she was joke so Babymaker...would buy again... i get to be the dad i never had Thank You !"


Rob Rast on the FLX Babymaker Beta Electric Road Bike


This just in from Pete:


When you're riding an electric bike at 25... or 28 mph, the last thing you want to worry about is your brakes. That's why we've brought Magura staff to our production facility. They're training production members on exactly how to install the Magura hydraulic disc brakes to Magura's strict standards.


FLX Babymaker Magura Brake Training


A great bike isn't just about the components - it's about the components and how they're put together. 


Your Babymaker Fix


Before the Babymaker launch - I loaded up the sprinter with Babymakers and hit the road. Join me in Astoria Oregon for Klaudia's first Babymaker ride on the beautiful coast. 

Klaudia is 5'5" and riding a 23" Babymaker Beta here. The 19" frame would be a better fit for her. Even a few inches short of the recommended height though, she's able to comfortably ride.

If you're not sure which size to choose, the safe bet is always smaller. Just know the dimensions are generous and either way you'll have a blast. 



Subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel for more dangerous Babymaker action (look for the "Bikes" playlist).


In Other News:


Rider Support ALL STAR Sarah Dorsey is celebrating 2 years with FLX today!

She truly has the hardest job here as not everyone treats the person behind the computer as human... 

If she's helped you out, please show her some love in the campaign comments!

Sarah Dorsey, 2018
There's just over 2 days left until the campaign end. 
We're closing in on the $10M stretch goal to unlock the 28mph speed limit!
Thank you so much for helping spread the word. 
The team is exhausted from battle but spirits are at an all time high.
Ticket count is expected to explode this weekend, thank you for your patience.
Most answers can be found in the FAQ at the bottom of the campaign page. 
More to come...
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX