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The Touring Package - Smartphone Mount

May 10, 2020

The Touring Package - Smartphone Mount
Happy Sunday!


FLX Babymaker Electric Road Bike Berry


Thought some of you might appreciate this small update today-

This just in from Pete:


FLX Babymaker Smartphone Holder

It's the smartphone mount for the Babymaker Touring package. We've been using a different type previously but Pete's found this one to work way better. It's all aluminum and clamps right on to the handlebars. 

If you've ordered the touring package, this will be the smartphone mount included with it. 

Some have been asking how to add the touring package to their order - you can find the instructions at the end of this update. 


Your Babymaker Fix

Speaking of accessories, check out how Mike and Walter have decked out the shop Babymakers-


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In Other News: 

Production continues - we're still on track. 

We're making very good progress on the 6.9M goal announced Friday. 

More to come...


We Love You

Rob, Pete and Team FLX