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The Fun Doesn't Stop...

Apr 29, 2016

The Fun Doesn't Stop...

Great news! Thanks to all of you, we've reached an amazing $774k during the first 30 days of the campaign!!! We can't possibly express the level of gratitude we feel for your support and enthusiasm.

After speaking with many of you, we have a special announcement...

We're having so much fun running this campaign with you that we want to keep it going so we can introduce more special perks. We're working closely with IndieGoGo and just got the go ahead to extend the campaign for 30 days!

What does this mean?

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY: extending the campaign will NOT effect your shipping time.

We've already paid our component suppliers and manufacturer for all of the bikes ordered until today. Production of the first batch will not be effected!

2) Extending gives us a chance to work with you to develop and release more awesome stretch goals. You will be able to add accessories to your order before your bike is shipped.

3) With your help, we'll be able to grow the community, get more FLUX bikes on the road, and introduce new partnerships.

We're excited to keep marching forward together with you and work together to continue to make the best e-bike on the planet!

New Stretch Goals

As part of this campaign extension, we've unlocked the $700k goal and are announcing the $800k goal.

UNLOCKED $700k GOAL: Fenders

Many of you requested fenders to help with splashes during your commutes and weekend rides.

UPCOMING $800k GOAL: Rear Light

We'll reveal more details about the rear light when we reach $800k.


This is a major milestone! And we want your help in creating something special. Let us know your ideas in the campaign comments. We'll also be sending out a survey to collect votes early next week.

Thank You!

When we started dreaming up FLUX over two years ago, we only knew two things: 1) the world desperately needs more people using electric vehicles instead of combustion cars, 2) we personally wanted a better looking, better performing e-bike that was affordable.

As of today, you've helped make this dream a reality. Even though we're just getting started, you've proved that FLUX can play a role in helping shape the future of personal transportation.

We love you,
Pete, Rob & Team FLUX