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The (early) 1.5M Stretch Goal

May 26, 2016

The (early) 1.5M Stretch Goal

We've had loads of requests for a GPS anti theft tracker for the bike - as we mentioned earlier we tested a couple versions out, but they felt very cheap and were not user friendly at all. We've been pulling our hair out looking for a great solution... until Pete met with Boomerang, the first cloud-enabled GPS biking platform for bikes. It features Anti-Theft; GPS Receiver; Performance Analytics.


The cyclotrac is a cool device with up to 3-4 month standby time, and it can be charged  by USB right from Flux's battery USB port next to it. We negotiated a special deal with Boomerang to offer the cyclotrac for $199 exclusively to our backers instead of the listed $249.  We know it's not a small price, but we'd feel much more secure with the boomerang on our bike than with the cheaper options we tried.

Get yours now on Indiegogo or our website. (More details

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