Superhuman Bikes Latest Updates


Sep 12, 2017

No, you didn’t miss an update last week. We’ve been pushing to get Attack frames out the past week and things are just starting to pick up!
See the whole vid below.


  • Container 9 distribution was delayed one day by the fulfillment center due to “system upgrades” (are you kidding me!?). The orders are ready to go and fulfillment center says they will ship out today.


  • Container 10 has landed, is being processed for customs and will be on it’s way to fulfillment after passing customs


  • Brake Bleed Kits are in for the G2 Upgrades. The plan is to send them out all together with complete Attacks as soon as the Attacks make it through


  • International Bikes will be sent out (including G2 upgrades) when Attacks are done. We’ll have major shipments to Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



Thanks for following along as we push forward.
We love you,
Team FLX