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Getting to Know "DVO Suspension" With FLX Bike

Oct 27, 2022


To ride faster, climb higher & explore further you need a solid base to build on - meet DVO suspension.

Check out this clip where DVO Suspension Sales Director John Pelino talks us through the details. "DVO is short for 'Developed Suspension' and represents the mindset we have as we engineer, design, and deliver fully developed suspension products that are 100%." - Bryson Martin Whether you are riding uphill or down, the Weapon X will bring out the best in both directions thanks to the powerful 750W (1000W peak) motor and a massive 840 Wh battery that will change the way you think about riding, forever. Get yours today and tell your friends, you'll be the first to experience the legend of the Weapon.

Special thanks to DVO and local SD shredders Hans Larson (@young_lars), Dylan Grey (@dylgre), and Marc Reyes (@marcrmtb). Check them out on Instagram.