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Double Hip Replacement VS The Babymaker

May 13, 2020

Double Hip Replacement VS The Babymaker
Happy Hump Day! 


Vanessa Follador rides the FLX Babymaker Electric Road Bike


I've been thinking about how amazing this world is. Together we've spread the word about electric ridables far and wide. Not just to people that know about them - but to people who never knew about all the benefits ebikes can bring. 

Ben and Mike were out on a shoot and a lady shouted from her balcony - "Is that the Babymaker!?"

When I went to get burritos with Vanessa - a man walked up and said "Hey it's the Babymaker!"

What's amazing isn't that they noticed the Babymaker - it's the timing. There are just a handful of Babymakers in existence that have been shipped to backers. Imagine what it will be like once we've shipped your Babymaker and thousands more around the world. 


Vanessa Follador rides the FLX Babymaker Electric Road Bike


If your experience on the Babymaker is anything like ours, you're in for a massive treat.

When you turn the bike on, kick it to level 5 and take off...

When you casually overtake racers struggling up a hill and can't hold in your smile...

When you ride in public looking and feeling like a superstar....

We'll consider it a job well done. 

I'm truly grateful for the time you've spent to learn more about the Babymaker. Thank you for trusting us to build you this game changing bike.  


Your Babymaker Fix


Before the Babymaker launch - I loaded up the sprinter with Babymakers and hit the road. I got to meet FLX riders far and wide to hear their feedback on the bike.

Join me up north for a test ride with RH of the YouTube channel Relentless Homesteading. RH recently had 2 hip replacements and wanted to give the Babymaker a go. 



Subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel for more behind the scenes Babymaker action (look for the "Bikes" playlist).


In Other News:


Production continues.

We're testing different brake pads for the base model Babymaker. 

The campaign just crossed the $6.5 Million dollar mark.
There's less than 4 days left on the clock!
More to come...
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX