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Oct 04, 2016


"FLX Roadster arrived last night, charged overnight, assembled this morning. Off to Venice Beach. It's a lot of fun." - Steve Jillings





On Thursday September 29th, we sent for the first time, 2 containers in one day. Early backers from Canada and Europe will be FLXing in no time! We can't thank you enough for staying positive while we pushed to get your bikes out. We'll send out shipment notifications within the next week, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam box!



Subscribe to the FLX youtube channel if you want to go Piñata shopping with Sagui. 
In other news:
We just sent shipping notifications for US Container 4, check your inbox and spam box. If you didn't get one yet, hang tight- we're working on the next shipment!

Some bikes have been damaged in transport, this isn't a situation we take lightly. A word from Pete in the Ride FLX facebook group:

Hi guys. Just wanted to provide an update with regards to the packaging situation. I don't think there's anyone who's more upset about the issue than Rob, myself and everyone at FLX. Hearing about the condition of some of your bikes after supporting us throughout this whole journey has absolutely crushed us. We were equally as excited as you (probably more so) for you to receive your bikes, and seeing how disappointed some of you have been due to the scratches and other shipping damage is heartbreaking.

We've obviously escalated the issue with UPS and asked them to provide us with pictures of the cartons after receiving them. They sent us these.

Needless to say I've just finished an incredibly heated, one way conversation with one of our high level contacts. The cartons are being received in absolutely perfect condition and then horrendously mishandled.

Unfortunately I've made them delay the delivery of the container 3 bikes until this matter has been investigated and resolved. Apologies again guys. It should only take a day or two to rectify. I'm hoping you can understand the situation we're in when we've done everything we can on our end but the wayward professionalism of others has let the process down. Please bear with us while we resolve this disappointing circumstance.

More to come!

We love you,

Team FLX