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FLX Goes International

Oct 02, 2016

FLX Goes International

"What a blast! I just took "Silver" out on our maiden run, got him up to a gallop of 26 mph and that was only to the end of the block. My faithful steed and I are going to have some great times together!" 

 - Greg Carpenter




Hawaii and New Zealand Out!

On Wednesday September 28th, we shipped 7 bikes to Hawaii and 18 bikes to New Zealand! This marks the first official shipment to locations outside the contiguous United States. We can't thank the international backers enough for their patience waiting for us to get your bikes moving. You'll be FLXing in no time!

To be continued...

Subscribe to the FLX youtube channel to save Sagui from UPS handling. 

In other news:

Battery Decal Samples are in, let us know what you think of them in the comments! This will potentially go over scratches that occurred during shipping for some backers that were in container 1-3.

UPS is still processing container 3 and as soon as they ship the cartons out and send us a list of tracking numbers, we'll blast those out to you as well. 

Thanks for everyone's support during this busy push, there's more to come...


We love you,

Team FLX