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Final Check Before Blade Assembly

Nov 19, 2017

Final Check Before Blade Assembly

All Green Lights for Blade Assembly 

One more sample before full assembly is ready and we check to make sure everything is good to go and exactly how we dreamed. Check the vid below. 


Bafang is working on the motors this week, changing out the covers for silver logos, cranks for blanks and most importantly swapping the only nylon gear to all steel as mentioned here in last week's post. 

Frames are being welded this week and will be ready for final assembly concurrent with the motor delivery next week. Exciting times for everyone that has pre-ordered a Blade, the highest spec eBike we've ever made!  

Stay tuned for more updates as Assembly comes together and we put the production bikes through their paces. 

We love you,

Team FLX


By the way, if you haven't got in on the Blade yet, click below to check it out!