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Can You Wheelie an eBike?

Nov 15, 2017

Can You Wheelie an eBike?

Don't let the normal pedal bikers have all the fun! 

Part of the beauty of having an electric bike is having the power to get the front wheel in the air and keep it there! Getting into a wheelie on an ebike is a bit different than a standard bike, so watch this vid below for some tips!



Although you have extra weight on your Electric Bike from the components that make an ebike and ebike, it also comes into play as a helpful tool. Having a motor on this bike gives it the capabilities you need to throw that front wheel up to start a wheelie and maintain it.

When attempting a wheelie, remember safety is paramount and the most vital aspect. So, when attempting to do so, ensure its in a safe environment such as an empty parking lot, bike trail, park, etc. Also know your limits, for example, if you just threw your back out yesterday attempting something of this magnitude would not be the best idea.

Checks on the bike itself is vital as well, as you want to conduct safety checks of the equipment on the bike such as handlebars, wheels, pedals, seat height properly adjusted, everything necessary to attempting a wheelie and normal daily riding.

Having the correct gears when attempting your wheelie are important to success when attempting this, as too high or too low of a gear could potentially throw off the balance of the bike when taking off to attempt the wheelie.

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Remember to ride safe, be responsible, and have FUN! If you try out these wheelies be sure to get it on video and send it to us, we'll be working on ours as well!

Make sure to check out this video for all the vital information needed to attempt a wheelie on your electric bike, you won't be disappointed! 

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