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F5 Trail: Electric Mountain Biking At It's Finest

Mar 17, 2022

F5 Trail: Electric Mountain Biking At It's Finest


What is an Electric Mountain Bike?

Also known as eMTB, the Electric Mountain Bike is a terrific means for covering distance on any terrain for any kind of adventure. What makes it different from a typical Mountain Bike? Well, that's simple, here at FLX we kept all the same features a traditional Mountain Bike would boast but, added some incredible features that make it extraordinary and emission friendly!

The proof of how miraculous this bike is, is in the details...seriously if you keep reading below you will find out just how awesome this bike is. The F5 Trail is built for on-road or off-road travels, there is no limit to where you can ride!

Main Specs To Look Forward To

  • An incredible 840-watt hour battery 
  • A powerful M600 Bafang 500-watt mid-drive motor to electrify your ride 
  • Get over 40 miles of range, while having capabilities of going over 25 mph (Class 3) top speed!

What Bumps? The F5 Trail demolishes any path that it comes in contact with by using high quality all-terrain specs that comprise of: 27.5" Mountain wheels and Maxxis Cross Country tires that shred through gravel and inconsistent terrain of all kinds, Suntour XCR suspension fork that absorbs impact and keeps moving along during your ride, and Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain to more efficiently take on the open trails.

Not a big reader or big on blogs? No worries, check out our YouTube video at the bottom of the page or go straight to the bike HERE for more information on the F5 Trail Electric Mountain Bike!

A Beast of a Motor

With a Bafang M600 mid-drive motor slapped onto this monster, it is among the most Advanced and Powerful mid-drive motors in its class. As for the placement, the motor is placed in the middle of the bike for an even weight distribution.

Don't let the compact design fool you (we aim to give amazing quality and looks to each bike we produce), it offers 500-watts (120Nm) of smooth power for optimum hill climbing, range, and speed. 

Having this premium option gives this type of motor the ability to directly drive your bike’s front chainring and is influenced by the gearing of the bike. The torque that is applied gives a more natural bike feel to the ride, paired with the natural pedaling cadence, it will help keep the bike in its comfort zone when riding.

All this combined, means a great ride on any terrain, and on any hill!

Add the optional thumb throttle for additional speed control and smooth cruising for the times that you just want a Sunday stroll.



 Battery Life For Days

By integrating a lithium-ion battery that provides 48-volts (650/840-watt hours) in the down-tube, combines a show-stopping look with long range-riding. High-capacity cells, the same ones used in the Tesla Model S, give you up to 50+ miles of range. Charging time is about 6 hours for a full charge cycle.


Want more?! Check out this video on our YouTube channel going into more detail about the F5 Trail. While you're there, please feel free to like and subscribe! 

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