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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself My Name Is: Step Through 2.0, an Ergonomic E-Bike

Mar 15, 2022

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself My Name Is: Step Through 2.0, an Ergonomic E-Bike

Ever wonder what E-Bike you would benefit the most from on your daily commute but, due to the influx of Electric bikes on the market it feels a bit overwhelming? From Aventon to Van Moof to FLX, how do you know what’s best for you on your daily commute?

No worries we're here to help!

Our ergonomic daily commuter, the Step Through 2.0 Electric Bike is packed with carefully curated features that not only maintain a premier level of comfort and performance but are also prepared for any adventure. The Step Through 2.0 is packed with an aesthetically pleasing look, and is on par with the rest of our electric bike inventory which boasts a sleek unique look.

With great performance comes a lot of specs but, with our technology and ability to harness all wires into the frame without giving an eye sore of wires dangling, the Step Through 2.0 will have you riding around with people saying "Where are the wires, I thought it was an electric bike?"

Not a big blog person? No worries it's not for everyone! But, if you do want to learn more, head down to the bottom of the page for one of our YouTube videos on the Step Through 2.0 or check out it's page yourself by clicking HERE!

Optimized for Versatility

A very important feature for our comfort lovers, is the Step-Through frame which allows for easy mounting by riders of all sizes. Coming standard with sweep handlebars and an adjustable stem you can customize the bike to your individual riding style. 

We included a front suspension fork, which absorbs the bumps and imperfections of the road so that you don't have to - making your ride smooth sailing!

Worried about having a wet shirt by the time you get to work or your destination? Don't sweat it, with this easy riding economic friendly bike, the only thing that will be on your mind is "I can't wait to get back on my Step-Through".

Built for Long Lasting Endurance

The Step Through 2.0 has proven time and time again to be one of the best picks of our lineup for a cyclist that doesn't limit themselves to one type of terrain. With up to 50+ miles of range in ‘Economy Mode’, you can this electric bike for hours without an ounce of worry that you might run out of battery. We also included a beefy thru-axle skewers to reduce potential failure points and maintain a stable ride through any endeavor.

With the long range the battery boosts, you will be passing by gas stations with a smile knowing your daily commute has saved you not just time but, money as well.

Fast and Furiously Comfortable

With a max speed of 20+ mph you can traverse miles in a fraction of the time compared to conventional bikes. With all the speed capability offered, we knew we had to include powerful brakes to bring you to a smooth and safe stop. This is why the Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes come standard with the Step Through 2.0.

The Shimano brakes durability and efficiency will gently bring you to a stop on the steepest of hills.

Maximizing Road Time

Boasting 50+ miles of range in ‘Economy Mode’, the Step Through's 650-watt hour LG battery has enough power for hours of biking with ease. Once it’s time to charge, all you need to do is hook up the battery to the charger and you will be ready ride a fully charged bike in 4-5 hours. As you ride you may even notice how easy shifting is, this is because of a hidden gear sensor that adjusts the motor's output when switching gears so the transition is seamless.

Pro-tip: Some of our more adventurous riders even carry a second battery with them to travel 100 miles or more in a day!

A Silent Powerhouse

One of the best design components of a fully electric bike is that all the components are nearly silent, many cannot even distinguish the sound from that of a conventional bike. Powered by a best-in-class Bafang M600 Mid Drive Motor, this silent powerhouse puts out 500 watts of power is ready for smooth rolling. To harness all the power of the Bafang M600 the Step Through comes with a Shimano Deore 10 Speed Drivetrain. The Shimano Drivetrain works harmoniously with the motor to provide optimal response in each gear.

On SALE NOW for $200 off the original market value, get yours today! 


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