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What is the right eBike size for me?

Mar 24, 2022

What is the right eBike size for me?

Having the knowledge of the correct electric bike size for your height/size is a very crucial aspect that goes into your purchase. Choosing the right size will give you the best possible ride  and will help avoid potential injuries.

Choosing an incorrect size can lead to an uncomfortable experience for the rider. In order to determine the correct frame size and saddle height for yourself, take into account the dimensions of the bike and dimensions of your body such as:

  • Inseam measurements
  • Height
  • Weight  

 Keep in mind the reason that you want to use the bike as well. Do you want to use it for commuting? Use it for speed? Use it for mountain biking? Cruising?

Advantages & disadvantages of choosing the correct bike:


  • Frame Size - The frames are not customizable a majority of the time, so choosing the right bike will mean that you will have the most efficient ride. 
  • Handlebar Height/Size - This is one of the main connection points for your e-bike. Although you can order different handlebars, ensuring you are picking the right height/size will lead to less hassle of having to replace the handlebars.
  • Saddle Height - If the height is too low or too high then it can cause an uncomfortable and can cause knee and back issues. Having the right seat height leads to more comfort and ease.


  • Back/Knee/Wrist Pain - With the wrong height/size bike dimensions can cause all sorts of pains and injuries. Be meticulous as your safety is paramount when choosing your bike.
  • Fatigue - Riding the incorrect bike can be inefficient. Instead of the e-bike helping your ride, the wrong bike could lead to more work and cause you to tire.

Assistance for Measuring

Inseam Measurement:

  • Stand against the wall with your cycling shoes on. Your feet must be 6 inches apart.
  • Get a book (or anything that can mimic a bike seat) and place it between your legs, and against the wall. Make sure that you are positioned as if you are sitting on a saddle.
  • Mark the top of the book.
  • Measure the distance between the top of the book and the floor. That is your inseam measurement.
Stand Over Height:
  • Stand on the center of the frame, with your feet flat on the ground. Make sure you have your cycling shoes on.
  • Measure the clearance between your inseam and the top tube.
  • For electric city bikes, a 1-inch clearance would be enough. However, for eMTBs, you would need at least 2 inches of clearance. Most cruiser e-bikes do not require a standover height measurement.

**For more vital information on choosing the right E-Bike for you click here!**

**Keep in mind these are just recommendations, the choice of the bike is strictly up to the one purchasing it**

Babymaker II

The Babymaker II is not only an amazing commuter bike, there are also sizing options. Knowing how to determine the bike size as a rider is vital for purchase, too big of a bike leads to a bulky ride, whereas too small of a bike leads to a frail ride.
To give a better idea of the sizes you're working with for the Babymaker II here is an example: a small/medium bike would be a better fit for Tom Cruise, whereas a medium/large bike would be a better fit for Chris Hemsworth (yes that is the thunder god himself; Thor). 

Step-Through 2.0

The Step-Through can be utilized for several daily riding capabilities such as commuting, riding around town, or just to cruise. This electric bike is great for any height/size rider as it comes with a lower standover height compared to majority of our other bikes.

It is very easy to get your ride started with this bike. The seat can be adjusted to a very wide range and makes it very easy to get on and off. Although it is good for any sized rider, we recommend to still take into account that at around 5'2" you should start looking into these dimensions more in depth as the size may too big.

F5 Trail

The F5 Trail is one of our eMTB models. It is designed for all-terrain riding. For mountain biking or all-terrain biking, it is more important to pay attention to size and dimension as the ride is going to be more difficult if the bike is too big or too small for the rider. 

This bike should be utilized for those that are in the realm of 5'6" or taller. If you have a suspension seat post upgrade, instead of the regular seat post, our recommendation would be at least 5'8" when purchasing. 

Blade 2.0

The Blade is our other eMTB model, and boasts the same all-terrain biking features but, with an insane amount of speed. Sizing is important to consider with this bike, but also your level of experience. This bike is for an advanced rider who can handle the power and speed this bike has.

It has the same recommendation as the F5 Trail, the rider should be 5'6" or taller unless you have the upgraded suspension seat post, then the rider's height should be in the wheelhouse of 5'8 or taller.

Gladiator 2.0

This fat-tire, road-crushing E-Bike is built for anything at any time. It can go over bumps, dips, uneven roads; you name it! This bike is meant to take in any impact. With all the power and force coming from this bike, that means measurements once again are absolutely key.

This seat can be adjusted very nicely and can have a rider at a minimum of 5'5" riding it. You can potentially push the height a little lower but, it is not advised.


 This two-seater fat-tire joy ride is our most buddy friendly bike. Want comfort? Want more than one person on the bike? Both can happen with this beauty. Built for all kinds of terrain and gives a smooth ride.

This bike is typically meant for riders 5'4 or taller however, if you want to add a travel companion no worries, there is plenty of room for a second person and whether they are 5'4" or shorter does not matter as a ride along is more than attainable. 


Want more info on the comparison of all our bikes? Check out this link for a breakdown of each e-bike. 

Please be sure to choose wisely.
Enjoy your ride!