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"eBikes are for Lazy People"

Apr 13, 2020

"eBikes are for Lazy People"

Campaign Update: 

The countdown begins as the Babymaker campaign comes to a close in a few days. If you haven't yet- act now to claim yours at the discounted price before the campagin ends and takes this deal along with it. Click here to check out the details of this stealth road eBike and get yours before the price goes way up!
Sterling and Tangerine Babymaker Stealth Road Electric Bikes FLX Ebike
Someone told me ebikes are just for lazy people.⁣⁣
"Anyone who rides one is just lazy.⁣⁣"
I pedaled away laughing
And he drove off in his car
My question to him-⁣:
What's with the car?⁣⁣
Do you ride a bike? Is that not 'lazy' compared to running?⁣⁣
Is walking not just crawling for 'lazy' people?⁣⁣
Do you use electricity?⁣⁣
When you want to start a fire do you find sticks and rub them together?⁣⁣⁣⁣
I don't know about you, but time is the most precious asset I have in this world.
I lead an active lifestyle with no shortage of exercise.⁣
I love to ride fast and explore new places. ⁣⁣
So much in fact, that I started this company with my friend Pete Leaviss.
Rob Rast and Pete Leaviss on a Mountain
We designed bikes that allow us to ride with as much or little effort as we please. ⁣⁣
Bikes that can race up boring hills and get to more destinations in record time. ⁣⁣
Now we ride faster, climb higher and explore further than ever before.⁣⁣
I won't rub 2 sticks together to start a fire, nor will I struggle for 30 minutes to push a bike up a hill. ⁣⁣
Instead I'll zoom up it laughing and spend that 30 minutes giving back to my loved ones, my friends and the world.⁣⁣
So yes I do choose to manage my time in the most effective way for me - or as he called it, "lazy."⁣⁣
Have you heard anyone say this before? Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, enjoy another (pre-quarantine) Babymaker VLOG below.
When I told Marshall about ebikes, he didn't get it. It took just one ride to convert him.
You can skip to 3:34 to see the bikes in action.
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In Other News:
The $2.5M Stretch Goal is just around the corner. That means all Babymaker orders past and future will get a free kickstand!
More stretch goals are in the works, so keep sharing.
Happy Monday - make it count!
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX