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Behind Factory Doors - Battery Business

Apr 14, 2020

Behind Factory Doors - Battery Business

Campaign Update: 

Babymaker campaign is down to the final days! If you haven't heard about this sexy, stealthy eBike yet- do yourself a favor and click here to head over to the campaign page to check it out and get your own before the campaign ends! 


The Magic Factory

Christopher Mallett, this update's for you.

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FLX Babymaker Battery Factory
A top quality battery is the heart and soul of your Babymaker. It's just one of many details that make it so special. Not all ebike batteries are created equal, and we refuse to cheapen your experience with a battery unworthy of the FLX name. 
FLX Babymaker Battery Factory Robot
There are a lot of cheap ebike battery packs out there with less than impressive guts. We’ve seen ones with cells taped together, mismatched brands and cells that were taken from old power tools.
Scary. Instead we use only the best materials and world class facilities for all FLX batteries.

How do we do it?

Join us for a quick tour of the production facility.

In Other News
The campaign blew past $2.5M yesterday shortly after the update. That means everyone's Babymaker will come with a kickstand, free of charge.
Keep sharing because we have more exciting stretch goals in the works.
The campaign ends Thursday, so if you were considering one more Babymaker for a special someone, now is the time to claim it.
The governor of California has been in talks about plans to phase out the quarantine. The sun is out in San Diego, things are warming up. Life is good.
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX