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Cargo Rack & Biased Review

Apr 12, 2020

Cargo Rack & Biased Review

Campaign Update: 

There are only five days left of the famous Babymaker campaign, and we are so close to breaking $2.5M. This wouldn't be possible without our amazing supporters! 

If you haven't checked out the campaign and claimed your own Babymaker at the lowest price it will ever be offered- click here to head over to the campaign page and get yours before the price goes up again.


EuroTrip Babymaker Style

Did you know Pete took his Babymaker on an epic long distance ride through Europe?
Pete Leaviss Babymaker in Europe
He rode about 3500KM total on his Babymaker prototype, through some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. He wanted to work out every possible kink on the bike before we build yours. 
Not only that, he did it with the bike fully loaded. 
Pete Leaviss FLX Babymaker Electric Bike Europe
Pete's Babymaker prototype had no mounting points for a rack. He had to DIY an off the shelf rack. It took him hours to complete.
That's why all production Babymakers are coming with mounting points for racks, fenders and water bottle holders. 
FLX Babymaker in Europe
Stay tuned for videos of Pete's trip! You can get a preview here on Pete's Instagram.
If you want to do some touring on your Babymaker, we recommend ordering the touring package. Instructions to order are at the bottom of this update. 

What does the touring package look like on a bike?
We won't have photos of the complete bike with touring package for some time, but our engineers are hard at work on some 3d renders. 
For now, here's a render of the rack, designed just for the Babymaker-
As soon as we have renders of the full touring package completed, I'll share them in an update!

Back in San Diego, the team continues to work hard from home. As you can see from head of content, Ben Cidre's latest video.
He's going to tell you what he thinks of the Babymaker. He's not just blowing smoke though, Ben has decided to put some of his paycheck toward a Babymaker of his own!
Subscribe to the FLX YouTube channel if you want Ben to put the Machete away before he hurts himself.
We're thrilled about the reception of the Babymaker - we've never had so many of our team members and their family members purchase bikes for themselves like with the Babymaker.
Pete and I couldn't be more excited about the future of this game changing bike!

In Other News:
The campaign is ending Thursday at midnight. Tell your friends because when quarantine blows over there's no better way to spend time than on a bike ride with your buddies!
From all of us to you, Happy Easter.
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX