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The Best Is Yet To Come...

Apr 17, 2020

The Best Is Yet To Come...

Campaign Update:

The ride continues.

Mike With His FLX Babymaker Beta Electric Road Bike
Kick the boost to level 5, The Babymaker has just been granted a 30 day campaign extension!
What does this mean?
1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: extending the campaign will NOT affect shipping estimates.
We've already paid our component suppliers and manufacturers for all bikes ordered until today. Production timelines will not be affected.
2. New stretch goals. With more riders on the road, new additions become feasible. Stay tuned for the next stretch goal announcement. (Let us know in the comments any ideas for new stretch goals!)
3. More fun. We've never had so much fun working our butts off as during this campaign. From meeting Babymaker riders over live video, riding in the rain and towing cars, we will keep the updates coming. With the extension you can expect more production updates as the shipping date approaches.
We're excited to keep marching forward with you and to continue building you the best e-bike on the planet!
FLX Bike founders Rob Rast and Pete Leaviss on a Cliff - 2015
When Pete and I started FLX over five years ago, we knew two things:
1. The world desperately needs more sustainable transportation
2. We wanted to make an ebike so fun and sexy - anyone would be proud to ride it
You've helped drive this dream forward and make it a reality not just for us, for you, but for 2640 (and counting) riders around the world. You've proven that together, we can shape the future of personal transportation!
We love you,
Rob, Pete and Team Babymaker
PS: I can't imagine how anxious you must be to receive your Babymaker. If you feel a little like Pablo here, you're not alone.
Delivering your bike as soon as possible is our absolute highest priority. As a testament to that we've done 2 things:
1. We've broken crowdfunding status quo to order everything for your bike before the campaign ends (with a lot of our own funds on the line). Typically campaigners wait until the campaign ends, another 2 weeks for funds and then get started ordering. We started placing orders weeks ago!
2. Axel and Jaeson have already shipped out 12 orders for the Babymaker Beta bikes - before campaign end. Unheard of in the crowdfunding space.
Stay tuned for more info as your bike comes together!