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Hot From The Design Team - New Rubber

Apr 18, 2020

Hot From The Design Team - New Rubber
FLX Babymaker Cockpit Los Angeles

This just in from the design team:

Minor detail but we thought you might enjoy it.
The team has been working on a rubber gasket for the faceplate of the headtube. One that will make it even more watertight. The black piece below is the new gasket. It will be attached to the faceplate before it's installed on the headtube of the bike.
We haven't had any issues with the current setup - but this rubber will add another layer of protection for your Babymaker when things get wet. You can never be too careful.
Some folks have asked where the serial number will be on the bike. You can see on the photo above it will be on the bottom of the headtube. (Sorry, they will not match order numbers as this would slow production and distribution to a halt)

Your Babymaker FIX

Speaking of being careful, I have a friend Chris in LA that doesn't know the definition of the word. A while back, we went up to see him and get his feedback on The Babymaker. Enjoy the VLOG below (don't freak when you see my birthday gift or how this guy rides).
Subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel for more uncensored Babymaker action (look for the "Bikes" playlist).

In Other News:

Wired Magazine Italy - covered the Babymaker, pretty cool article for our Italian friends!
Do you know anyone with contacts in the media? We'd love to share the message with more people! (Reward for a big story)
Babymaker production continues. Stay tuned for more.
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX