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Sep 18, 2020



Happy Friday!

From the factory floor:

If you look closely at the bike on the bottom right, here you may notice a slight difference in size...

It's a Babymaker PRO with the long-awaited 19" Frame!

And a few more 19" Babymakers in other colors for good measure. 

The highly requested Berry color in 19" size. 

Here's a photo of a 19" Babymaker standard, just before boxing up.

Deliveries Begin

Caitlin, our logistics and supply chain manager has been hard at work arranging deliveries of the first Babymakers to have landed stateside.

Today she's sent out FedEx tracking numbers for these first bikes.

Some have asked why others with an order placed after them received shipping confirmation before them. Yes, we are doing our best to fulfill on a first come first serve basis - however due to the nature of production, there will naturally be some fluctuation. For example, the 19" frame is a new size and needed new testing before production - so they are slightly trailing the 23" orders. 

In order to produce and ship bikes as efficiently as possible - we mass-produce a quantity of similarly specced bikes at the same time and rotate production based on parts availability etc. Thanks for your patience, you WILL get your bike!



The container of components for European bikes is still held up in customs. There's never any certainty with customs - only that it's out when it's out. We have another container of components arriving very soon, so we will see which clears first and keep you updated on the progress. Thanks for bearing with us here!


Other Countries:

Caitlin is working on distribution for Babymakers outside the US and Europe. The bikes will be sent in mass direct from our production facility in China. Stay tuned for more updates on this. 



These are very exciting times and many Babymakers are landing over the coming weeks. To keep our momentum up, we are unable to answer "where is my bike" support requests - instead we're focusing full force on building and distributing the bikes to you as soon as possible. 

When your bike ships you'll get an email with the tracking number!

If you do need any assistance with your order or bike once it comes, please reach out by emailing our official support channel, Here we have a full-time support staff to help with anything you may need.

Several staff members have reported receiving support requests sent to their personal accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. These are not support channels and they have been advised to kindly refer these inquiries to where we can serve you through our official help desk.  


Change Requests: 

We have sent several emails in June with final calls for any change requests. Each bike has been built based on the exact configuration you chose. For this reason, we are unable to accept any change requests - especially after it has been built, and is shipping to you. Thank you for understanding!


Your Babymaker Fix

Join us in Monterey Bay as we meet with Marc Dostal, a backer of an FLX Roadster from our first Indiegogo campaign in 2016. Skip to 3:10 for the Babymaker action. 

Subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel for more uncensored Babymaker action (look for the "Bikes" playlist).


Have a fantastic weekend!


We Love You,

Rob, Pete and Team FLX