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Inside the FLX Factory

Mar 30, 2020

Inside the FLX Factory- Green Babymaker

Campaign Update

The campaign is still live and we couldn't be more excited about the success! We have surpassed our goal and raised nearly two million dollars in a matter of weeks. 

The Babymaker campaign will be running through April 17th, so if you haven't yet, click here to check it out and claim your own Babymaker at the discounted rate.

Behind the scenes of our production facility

A little backstory-
Pete and I first met Ben in 2015 when we were searching for factories to build our very first ebike prototypes. The following year we launched our first Indiegogo campaign which rocketed FLX into existence. Since then we've been working closely with Ben to bring the best electric bikes to life.
Pete runs our design and manufacturing division and has overseen the entire design of the Babymaker from it's conception about 2 years ago to today. I got the chance to return to China late last year, drop by one of our new production facilities and finally see in person the last couple Babymaker Betas come off the line.
Pete and I have both spent many years in China. It's a fascinating place. Enjoy the video.
Subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel for more (uncensored) behind the scenes footage (look for the "Bikes" playlist).

In other news:

Production is rolling along. Pete and I are brainstorming all possible hiccups to address in advance. There were some 'surprises' from our first campaign that slowed things down. Luckily we know to address these early on now.
Things like:
Mandated Testing
Import Paperwork
SKU Variations
The White House has stated we'll be facing quarantine until the end of April. We're still trucking along at HQ. Shop hands are working away to service any bikes that come our way. The rest of our support and operations team continue working from home.
Stay Tuned for The Next Update
We Love You,
Rob, Pete and Team FLX