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We Said Goodbye

Nov 29, 2017

We Said Goodbye

Onwards and Upwards

Another crucial shipment on the way for the holidays as we say goodbye to a major partner. 

 Onwards and upwards! 


Have you been waiting to get an Attack?

Sorry, we're not taking pre-orders, but you can join the waiting list below. We'll send you updates on this shipment and let you know as soon as they're in our US warehouse for immediate dispatch. 


In other news:

Blade production continues at our new facility. (Did you see this last update?) Frames are being heat treated now to exacting standards. Painting is scheduled for the end of this week.

Full Assembly of the first batch (all pre-orders) scheduled for December 6th and 7th.  

Quick teaser of the Blade box-


That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!



We love you,

Team FLX