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Moving Forward - Part 2 - Factory Change

Oct 21, 2017

Moving Forward - Part 2  - Factory Change

We're changing factories.

After an exhaustive search, we were lucky enough to find a manufacturing partner that produced all FLX generation one bikes and the first thousand, generation two bikes. They’ve been great in accommodating our strict production standards and helping us implement a quality control system that can be difficult to find in China.

Our strict standards and attention to detail have clashed somewhat in a place where they're used to just building the bikes and sending them ‘as is’ to brands based in the West. We often end up taking precious resources from the customer service team, design team and often Pete and I ourselves to personally inspect every single bike that goes through the factory. Needless to say, this relentless pursuit of perfection can slow things down. Time and time again we had to choose between speed and quality and we chose the latter, causing delays for people eager to FLX around the world.  


Quality is not optional.


You shouldn’t have to make the choice between the quality of the product and it’s speed of delivery. You deserve both in your quest for the best electric bikes for sale. That’s why things had to change.


FLX Blade


Before launching the blade, we went on a hunt for another manufacturing partner with standards that matched ours closer. We were lucky enough to find one run by another foreign team, one famous for being sticklers in the industry. This factory makes frames to exacting standards, paints, assembles and does everything all under one roof. We were blown away by their attention to detail in every step of the process. Each extra quality control step that we had painstakingly put in place at our original factory, they had already implemented on their production lines. Not only that, but they also invested in complete systems to make control checks redundant and failsafe. For example, if a bike goes through with a crank bolt that's not tightened to appropriate spec, an alarm will go off and the whole production line stops to investigate. This attention to detail extends all the way to the packaging where samples are taken from each batch of cartons that comes in. If they're not up to the agreed stock, weight and hardness spec, the whole lot will be rejected. We were impressed more and more with each visit and decided we had to make Blade orders here.

We're moving all production to this factory and expect not only to continue to raise the quality of all bikes, but also to rely more on these professionals to implement the exacting QC standards that are at the heart of your FLX Bike. With the majority of QC work handled by our manufacturing partners, we'll be able to re-channel precious manpower where it's needed most…

Stay Tuned For Part 3!


Thank you for sticking by our sides as we beef up the supply chain, and for all your valued input in building a stronger bike company. 

PS - If you missed part 1, check it out here. 

We love you. 

Rob, Pete and Team FLX