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Moving Forward - Part 1 - End Of An Era

Oct 13, 2017

Moving Forward - Part 1 - End Of An Era

A message from the founders.

Hi everyone, this is Pete and Rob from FLX Bike. It's been some time since we've sat down and laid out our plans regarding the direction of the company. If you've been following us, you're probably familiar with the challenges we've tackled fulfilling orders for the latest generation of FLX bikes to patient customers around the world. Recent updates and youtube videos only show the tip of the iceberg in what we've been through to ensure these bikes are the best we've ever made. Although extremely painful at times, it’s made us far stronger as a company.

Unfortunately, many of these obstacles have led to delays. Our failure to meet estimated shipping times has caused a lot of grief for the FLX Family, and you guys absolutely deserve better service. Now that we've got production under control and have shipped out most pre-orders, we can move forward with a new focus.


Today we make this commitment to you:

We're stopping pre-orders on all F2 models

This production run has proven more than anything that timelines are not set in stone and that if anything can go wrong, it will. Because we've been unable to accurately predict production times, we are going to stop pre-orders on all F2 models.

In the meantime, we've revamped the site to include an accurate inventory system for each bike model. Now you can select your bike with the required configuration and see ‘real time’ whether it's in stock.

If it's in stock, you can buy it for immediate fulfillment. If it's not, we won't sell it.

You can see now that Roadsters and Trails are listed on the site (where they're in stock for the US) but not the Attack, as it is completely sold out for the time being.

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Delivery dates on Blade Pre-Orders have also extended past initial estimates, we've reached out to all buyers with updated delivery schedules and are fairly confident we can deliver in a timely manner. We will stop pre-orders on this new model as soon as it arrives in stock. We're confident in the Blade delivery date because...


Stay Tuned For Part 2!


Thank you for joining us for this ride, you've been with us through the up and downhills. We would never be here making the bikes of our dreams if it wasn't for your support. We're committed to you, to never stop fighting, to keep innovating and provide you with the best ebike experience possible. It's true when we say:

We love you.

Rob, Pete and Team FLX