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Fixing "Error 21" aka Speed Sensor Error

Apr 25, 2018

Fixing "Error 21" aka Speed Sensor Error


Much like any machine with moving parts, occasionally, you'll encounter problems with your mid drive eBike. One of the most common, and easily fixable is "Error 21" or the Speed Sensor Error.

This particular video is related to our mid-drive (motor inside frame) line up of bikes however error 21 exists for all our bikes. Error 21 is related to the hall or speed sensor which essentially is responsible for your speedometer on your LCD display.

See all possible causes below:

- Sensor
- Magnet
- Rear motor harness
- Controller

Hub drive
- Internal motor issue
- Controller

In most cases, error 21 for hub drive e-bikes would merit a replacement motor. Reconnecting the motor cable would be the first thing to do before replacing the motor. Regarding mid-drive ebikes, it's all about the process of elimination.

Error 21 can be troubling for eBike riders as it results in being unable to utilize your bike's pedal assist. 

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