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Babymaker PRO Drop Bar Brakes - Update

May 04, 2020

Babymaker PRO Drop Bar Brakes - Update


First - a quick update from Vilmos Papp who just received his Kiwi Babymaker Beta in Canada-
Wohooo :-) Its fun! I went to a few Km’s test ride and its awesome and its amazing how quiet the motor is. I'm 5’11 and the size is perfect.
I'm showing it to people and the Babymaker gives them a big smile :-)
When one of my friends came back...  he said ”I feel like a champ!” 

Since the last update, the Babymaker campaign cruised through $5 Million USD! Needless to say our work is just beginning. We're so grateful and excited to have you with us as we work together to bring the Babymaker to you and riders around the world!
In the last update about handlebars, we mentioned that the brake levers for the Babymaker PRO would be mounted on the horizontal part (inside of the bars).
Before the campaign started we had sent a small survey about this asking if PRO riders preferred us to offer drop bars with Magura brakes and this lever set-up or scrap the drop bars all together.
The majority favored mounting here as pictured below.
Thanks to those paying attention to the updates and voicing your feedback, we understand this came as a surprise to a large number of riders who chose the Babymaker PRO with drop bars.
Many of these riders were not aware of this and were expecting the traditional brake mount with levers mounted vertically on the front of the bars as in the image below.
FLX Babymaker Beta Electric Road Bike
We hear you and we'll move mountains to make you the best bike possible.
We really want the PRO to come with hydraulic disc brakes and these have been hard to find in this configuration. Pete has been scouring our supply chain far and wide to find any other options that will make this possible.
This is still preliminary, so no promises on this one yet.. but Pete has found something really cool and we're analyzing it now. I will update you on this within the week. 
Note: this update only applies to the Babymaker PRO with drop bars. The standard Babymaker comes with horizontal brake levers on the bullhorn model and vertical levers on the drop bar option, just like the campaign photos. The hoods for drop bars will be mounted as in the photo above. 

In Other News:

The support team is inundated with emails at the moment - receiving 300-400 tickets per day with last minute questions. We've pulled in 2 more people to help out.
For fastest service, before sending in a support ticket, please check out the detailed FAQ at the bottom of the story section on the campaign page.
90% of the tickets and chats coming in are answered in this FAQ.
If your question hasn't been answered, or for assistance with your order please contact support at
The team is working furiously to respond, current wait time is 2-4 business days.

We love you,

Rob, Pete and Team FLX