Superhuman Bikes Latest Updates


Jul 07, 2016


Did you miss the big news in last night's webinar? You can watch the whole broadcast below at your leisure. 

Don't have time to watch? Get the cliff notes version of important updates here-
  1. Batteries are in production, first delivery in around 10 days
  2. Motors are in production and will be delivered in batches in coming 10 days
  3. In order to secure trademark protection worldwide and ensure the longevity of the brand, we are changing the name FLUX to FLX. The new logo still has the red F in it and has been styled slightly sportier than the original. We'll post it ASAP. Production bikes will have the FLX logo and we will begin transitioning our sites/social media channels to FLX this month. 
  4. We will be keeping the iconic red F on the head tube (front) of the bikes.
  5. We're moving from Beijing to Shanghai this month so we can be at the factory to personally inspect every bike. 


Thanks so much again for joining us guys, can't wait for the next one! If we missed any of your questions, feel free to leave us a comment. 


We love you,

Team FLX