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Nov 06, 2016


"Words can't describe what a blast this is to ride!!" - Alan Vincent



We push to get a small shipment of 86 bikes to the US before a load of 400 frames is completed. Up against ever strict shipping regulations on Lithium batteries, we also got 3 bikes out to backers in South East Asia. Stay tuned to see results of the EMC testing for Australia import.

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In other news:

We have not yet sent the notifications for the last EU and CAN shipments. We'll send them early this week, followed shortly by US C5 notifications.

The US fulfillment center will begin distributing batteries and components this week in the US. It will take some time to get them all sorted.

Canada container 1 has arrived, the importers are waiting on paperwork to be finished. We will update as soon as they are sent out by the fulfillment center.

EU Container 1 was rerouted through Singapore, and now has an ETA to Rotterdam of Nov 15th. Import and ground delivery will take some days from there. We will update as soon as we receive more news.

NZ Shipment 1 has arrived and the fulfillment center will begin deliveries this week to all that have paid the GST import duties. If you received a shipping notification previously with order number FLXNZC001### and have not paid a GST yet, please check your email.

Emails are still backed up right now, response time may be longer than usual. We still can't handle "where is my bike requests" at this time. We're behind on production and focusing as much energy as possible there. We're working hard to get your bike out and unfortunately spending time trying to find orders takes valuable resources away from the production of your bike. Thanks for your patience during this push.


Stay tuned for a video of the EMC testing for Australian import certification.


We love you,

Team FLX