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The ABC's of E-Bike Batteries: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 25, 2024

The ABC's of E-Bike Batteries: Everything You Need to Know

There seems to be a rumor going around that e-bikes are basically just lean motorcycles.

No, an e-bike is NOT a motorcycle. But a scrambler e-bike is pretty damn close.

If you love the idea of an e-bike but need something with a little more oomph than a typical step-through, a scrambler e-bike may be just the ticket.

Learn all about the scrambler model bike and get a complete rundown of our new take on the style: the Bandit 2.0.

Ok, so if it’s not an e-motorcycle, exactly what is a scrambler e-bike?

So, what exactly is a scrambler? Well, it's not a motorcycle. Or a bike.

Commonly known as a dirt bike, the scrambler is a scrappy xxx built specifically for off-road terrain and comfy cruising.

Originally designed as an ode to the motorcycle outlaw and named after a slightly insane version of moto racing, the scrambler is a unique style of bike.

Typically, a scrambler e-bike:

Rides a little lower to the ground.

Handles both pavement and off-road.

Offers a really comfy riding position.

That's why they make a great all-around e-bike for anyone with flexible riding needs.

This is exactly why we decided to add a scrambler e-bike to the Superhuman lineup…

Fast, comfy, and slick-looking. That's what makes a great e-bike. And the classic scrambler e-bike has all 3 in spades.

It just made sense to create one with a Superhuman flair. And so the original Bandit e-bike was born:

⚙️ Retro pocket bike design.

⚙️ Extra long banana seat for comfort.

⚙️ Twist throttle.

⚙️ Front suspension fork.

⚙️ 20x4" Kenda fat tires.

It's the perfect storm of commuter comfort and adventurer power.

As one of our happy owners says, "This little beast can take you anywhere."

But, it was missing something…

So we upgraded it to the all-new Bandit 2.0!

Same retro vibe. More comfort.

That's what the Bandit 2.0 is all about.

When we revamped our version of the popular scrambler e-bike, it was really important to improve rideability without sacrificing what riders already loved.

So, the Bandit 2.0 still has the original:

  • Retro scrambler e-bike frame.
  • Super comfy, extra long banana seat.
  • Four slick paint color options.
  • High-output 840WH (48v) battery.
  • Convenient handlebar twist throttle.

But we kicked it up a notch and added dual suspension and a built-in headlight.

So now your favorite scrambler e-bike is safer at night AND so much easier to ride.

Here's what dual suspension means for your ride (and your butt):

Just like with vehicles, single axle vs. full suspension can affect how an e-bike handles. Especially for longer rides or on rougher terrain.

When we decided to add dual suspension to the Bandit 2.0, our only goal was to make it twice as much fun.

But we succeeded in making it:

More Durable

Get more out of your ride by reducing the stress on any one part.

More Comfortable

Minimize riding fatigue by reducing impact on the rear wheel, pedals, and handlebars.

More Balanced

Reduce the risk of flying over the handlebars on a tight curve with better balance.

More Stable

Maintain momentum and control of your ride even on bumpy hills.

The only real drawback of a dual suspension is the added weight.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Bandits:

OG Bandit

Bandit 2.0

625, 672, or 840WH Battery

672 or 840WH Battery

40+ Mile Range

40+ Mile Range

28 MPH

28 MPH

79 lbs

88 lbs

20x4" Fat Tires

20x4" Fat Tires

Front suspension fork

Dual suspension

Extra long banana seat

Extra long banana seat

Twist throttle

Twist throttle

Optional moto-style headlight

Included moto-style headlight

275 lbs weight capacity

275 lbs weight capacity

The Bandit 2.0 scrambler e-bike offers a true badass riding experience.

The truth is; no matter what kind of rider you are and what you throw at it…the Bandit scrambler e-bike can handle it. With retro style. 

“First day riding this bad boy.......soooo FUN!!!” - Francis

“Holy smokes. So much fun.” - Susan

“It’s f*cking awesome.” - David

“I never wanted to get off of it” - James

If people are saying these things about the OG Bandit…can you imagine how much you’ll love the Bandit 2.0?

Are you in love yet?

The Bandit 2.0 is a truly awesome experience for all kinds of riders, even if hitting the bumpy trails isn’t your thing. When it comes to classic scrambler e-bikes, the Bandit 2.0 makes comfort, durability, and stability look easy.

Hit the trails, beach, or just cruise farmer’s market row in style by yourself or with a friend (the banana seat fits two!).

Join the Bandit revolution today by stopping by our shop in San Diego, CA, or custom order your hot new Bandit 2.0 online today.