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Pete's Eurotrip Part 2: Bikes Are The Answer

Apr 28, 2020

Pete's Eurotrip Part 2: Bikes Are The Answer

Pete's Babymaker in Luxumbourg

Join Pete for the second chapter in his epic Babymaker tour. He set off to put the Babymaker through the ultimate road test. Traveling 3500km with the bike fully loaded with gear.

Pete encountered every terrain imaginable and pushed the bike to it's absolute limits. Pete was riding the Babymaker Beta - and it was a big performer. It helped shape a few product developments that will ensure your Babymaker is the best it can be!

Check out the video below and enjoy the ride...


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In other news: 

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Support is working full time to help with anything you need - so making sure you've been heard is a very high priority. The inbox is a bit backed up at the moment so thank you for your patience!

Yesterday we put part of the Babymaker through a serious strength test... Stay tuned for the results. 

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Rob, Pete and Team FLX