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How to Clean an Ebike

Jan 08, 2024

how to clean ebike - wiping down ebike with microfiber towel

Cleaning your ebike isn't as hard as you think! Before you begin, take the bike off the charger and put the charging cap on. Consult with your manufacturer to see if you need to remove the battery before cleaning. If you have one of these ebikes, you don't need to. The weather sealer prevents any water from penetrating the battery and compartment.


Here are some helpful tools when cleaning your ebike:

- Hose or bucket

- Brushes (for the finer details)

- Ebike specific cleaning kit

-Towel for drying

- Lubrication for moving parts

- Rust protection spray (not always necessary but adds extra protection)

Once you gather the right tools, continue with the cleaning process by following these steps:


1. Use a brush to knock off any thick dirt and grime

     You'll want to brush off any thick dirt thats has built up on the ebike because its easier to do before you rinse the ebike with water.


2. Rinse the ebike (Use a low pressure hose and avoid your electronic display):

    Rinse your ebike with low pressure water to remove any loose dirt or grime. DO NOT use high pressure. Using high water pressure can cause the paint to come off or damage different parts of the ebike. Avoid directly spraying any electronic displays, motor, hubs, fork seal, headset or any other component that has grease to allow those moving parts to perform. Use a non-abrasive brush or towel for the finer details if needed.


 spraying ebike with water


3. Clean the frame with a bike specific wash and rinse

     Use an ebike specific cleaning solution to breakdown any hard stuck dirt. Harsh chemicals may result in damaging certain plastic parts like the cover on your motor and charging port. A chain cleaning kit can be helpful in getting extra dirt and grime stuck in your chain links. After applying the bike wash and scrubbing your drivetrain, rinse again.


 spaying ebike with bike specific cleaner


4. Dry your ebike

     Leaving water residue especially on electric parts can slowly wear them down and cause issues. Take your time and make sure your ebike is completely dry before putting it away.


wipe down ebike with microfiber towel


5. Lubricate your moving parts

     After your ebike is cleaned, You're going to want to lubricate your chain and other moving parts to keep the ebike working as expected. Consider using White Lightning chain lube.


6. Live near the beach? Moisture in the air? Protect your ebike

     As a company based near the ocean, we understand marine layers can cause unwanted rust. Using a rust protection spray will maintain your ebike and prevent any corrosion overtime. 



Don't be afraid to wash your ebike. Everyone deserves to ride in style.

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