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FLX Bike magazine Issue No.3 Featuring Dylan Grey

Feb 03, 2023

FLX Bike magazine Issue No.3 Featuring Dylan Grey

To start off could you introduce yourself to the readers?

“Hi my name is Dylan Grey and I'm 30 years old. I've lived in Poway, Ca most of my life and have been riding bicycles on and off for about 18 years.”

What got you mountain biking and racing them?

“I tried downhill when I was 15 and I really liked it but ended up back on my bmx after a couple bad crashes. I didn't get around to racing until 2020.”

What kind of racing do you do?

“I race Enduro. A mix of fitness and technical riding.”

Tell us a little bit about your racing career...

“I did a quick and dirty cross country series and liked being on the bike but not the pedaling. So I tried a Enduro race and felt like that's where I belong.”

Do you have any memorable moments that you can share with the FLX mag readers?

“Probably when you guys hit me up to shoot a promotional video. I had never had an opportunity like that and it meant a lot that yall reached out.”

What is most challenging about what you do?

“Some of the climbs are pretty challenging but... can't go down without going up."

What is most rewarding about what you do?

“Making it down in one piece haha.”

Do you have any previous experiences with emtbs?

“Not really. I rode a couple in a parking lot and jumped one a few times. But until FLX hit me up I had never spent a day riding one.”

How does an emtb hold up to traditional mtbs?

“I think it holds up very well. There are lot of advantages and disadvantages but I think it's more about the experience than whether a motor is helping you or not.”

What are the pros and cons of both?

“Pro for the ebike would be climbs are a breeze. Cons for the ebike would be the weight until you are used to it. Pros for the traditional bike would be weight and not having to charge it. Cons for the traditional bike would be you being the motor that powers the bike haha”

How did you like the weapon?

“I really enjoyed riding the weapon! It was so fun and agile for the weight and size.”

What gets you hyped up to ride?

"Just knowing I'm going to enjoy the outdoors gets me pretty hyped haha."

What is your favorite course or riding area?

“Thats a tough one but I think Skypark would have to be my favorite. Trails are always taken care of and ready to rip!”

People say that you don’t need the extra power of an emtb and that riding emtbs makes you lazy? Do you believe that's true?

“Not at all! Everyone has there own struggle or battle that you might not see. If the ebike gets you back outside and happy then I don't think you are lazy.”

What would you say to someone who says that emtbs make you lazy?

“Have you ever spent a day on a ebike? It still requires fitness and skill.”

Do you have any memorable bails?

“Too many haha but the past one resulted in a broken clavicle.”

What’s your first memory of cycling?

“Plowing through some bushes because I couldn't stop.”

What does the training process look like when you’re getting ready for a race?

“Well it's a lot of riding haha. Mostly cross country to keep my endurance up to par but I mix in some technical riding to keep the mind sharp. I also mix the gym in with some light weight a few times a week.”

Take us through the mental space before the start of a race, during and after? Where is your mind at and what's going on in your mind

“Mostly I'm just telling myself "it's just another day on the bike" and don't think, just do before and during the race. After the race I go through mistakes and try not to beat myself up too much.”

Mtb and enduro is thrilling, and adrenaline filled, what techniques do you use to manage those anxiety filled emotions. Before, after and during a race?

“Mostly just breathing. Sounds crazy right? Haha. I think if I breath calm then I'll be calm. I can be kind of chatty too with the others so that helps take the mind off having to send it down a trail as fast as you can. ”

You told me a little bit about growing up surfing, skating, and doing bmx. All of which are brutal and unforgiving sports. What about these sports gravitates you towards them?

"Outside of the adrenaline and the thrill I guess seeing what I am capable of? I'm not really sure how to answer this one. All these sports just feel natural to me."