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Chasing Components

Oct 28, 2016

Chasing  Components

Busy busy week here. We're pushing hard to get production caught up to current orders and just a few weeks out. 


Wednesday we sent 3 bikes to Russia, 1 bike to Korea

Friday we sent 27 bikes to Canada and 60 bikes to Europe. We'll send out the shipping notifications in 5-7 days, if you don't get one tomorrow, please hang on until next week when we send them out after processing the orders. Canada is completely caught up and Europe just has a few more orders to get to that point. The suspension forks needed for the next US shipment arrive on Tuesday so we have a 20ft container booked for Wednesday headed to the US. We'll continue on individual bike shipments in the meantime in order of least complexity until they are all safe in your hands. 

In other news:

We've heard reports of loose motors from previous shipments, so if you've received a bike from any shipment until now, please double check the bolts on the pressure plate of the motor shown below. They can be tightened with a 3mm allen key. Video with more details coming ASAP. 

Stay tuned, more exciting news to come. Can't wait to get production caught up and get out for some serious riding!


We love you,

Team FLX